Carton Printed Proofs

Want to see a custom example of your carton before committing to an entire run? Order a printed proof!

A printed proof allows you to confirm the exact carton size fits your product, and verify the colors and print quality of your file. A carton printed proof starts around $100 in cost and varies based on the order specifications.

To keep the cost of printed proofs affordable, they are hand glued and run through a plotter machine to make cuts and folds rather than going through the full die-cutting and production process.  They go through our press for printing, but they are not meant to represent a production-quality carton.

When the full carton order is produced, it will go through our machines that are designed to die-cut and glue the cartons in place. Additionally, the glue used on the full order is more aggressive than the printed proof.

Carton printed proofs are intended to check the print quality and color and to see if the size works for the product. The final production of the order will go through the entire production process.

Can't commit to the cost or time it takes to order a printed proof? Order a free sample pack!

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