Folding Carton Styles

There are a variety of folding carton types we can produce. Here are a few of our most popular options:

  1. Auto-Lock Bottom

    Auto-lock bottom boxes have a specially designed bottom that automatically locks in place during assembly. The top is a simple tuck top flap. Auto-lock bottom boxes are also frequently referred to as auto-bottom or crash bottom boxes. This type of folding carton is designed for heavier objects. In fact, they’re the strongest of all box types. So if you have something really heavy, this option should be at the top of your list. Auto-lock bottom boxes are a perfect fit for packaging candles, bottles of wine and craft beers, or large cosmetics containers.

    Auto Lock Carton
  2. Straight Tuck

    The straight tuck box is the multitool of folding cartons. It takes its name from the fact that both the top and bottom closure panels are on the same side of the box, folding front to back in the same direction. Most straight tuck boxes have end slits to keep the end tucks locked in place. Straight tuck boxes are an ideal choice for light- to medium-weight items. They store flat and don’t require any additional assembly to use. Straight tuck boxes would be an ideal choice for packaging cosmetics, CBD bottles, or essential oils.

    Straight Tuck Box
  3. Reverse-Tuck

    The reverse tuck box is practically identical to the straight tuck box, with the exception of the end closures. Rather than having the top and bottom closures on the same side of the box, the reverse tuck box has them on opposing sides, causing them to fold in opposite directions. Other than that, the only difference between this folding carton and its close cousin is the price. Because both end closures on a straight tuck box are on the same side, those take less paper to make, meaning they’re a little cheaper. Both straight tuck and reverse tuck boxes are a good choice for light- and medium-weight products.

    Reverse Tuck Box

  4. Snap Lock / 1-2-3 Bottom

    This type of folding carton takes its name from the three steps needed to assemble the box. Although it takes several steps to assemble, it isn’t much more time-intensive to put together than a simpler folding container. The 1-2-3 box is also commonly referred to as a snap bottom or lock bottom box. Since the bottom flaps push into each other to lock, this type of product packaging is also well-suited for heavier objects. High-end beers, wine, or spirits look great in this type of packaging. Large candles or heavier electronics also work well in a 1-2-3 box.

    Snap Lock / 1-2-3 Bottom Box

  5. Sleeves

    This type of folding carton is basically a box without a bottom or a top. Sleeve packaging is designed to slip over another, usually undecorated, box to provide some additional space for product information or brand messaging. As a bonus, it provides some additional rigidity and padding. One of the main selling points for this type of folding carton is the price. Without a top or bottom flap closure, sleeve packaging is the least expensive option in the list and can easily be slipped over any plain box for instant customization. It works well with a wide variety of products.

    Sleeve Packaging
  6. Hang Tag Box

    This type of carton is a tuck end box featuring a hang tags attached onto the top of box so they can conveniently hang onto store racks. This creates a sturdy way to display products in retail locations.

    Hang tag carton with tuck

  7. Custom Shape Carton

    Your imagination is the only limit when it comes to folding cartons. Custom inserts keep products more secure and enhance the unboxing experience for the consumer. They’re especially useful for protecting breakable items or when packaging products with multiple pieces. Custom cutouts are areas of the box that are cut away to highlight the contents. They can be made to any shape or size and add another layer of interest to your product packaging. Well-placed cutouts can be used to draw interest and highlight parts of your product you want consumers to see. Customizing your boxes with inserts and cutouts can add a tailored look that’s perfect for packaging premium, high-end products like fragrances and cosmetics.

Example of a carton window

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