Why Do My Label Colors Look Different than Before?

We recently adopted new technology on our presses to ensure they are printing at G7 standards, so the colors we print are more consistent from order to order with improved accuracy and precision. G7 is a print color testing standard where color management devices are used to continuously measure, evaluate, and calibrate our presses to meet an industry-wide color standard. This is a more objective and automated process, so our presses provide colors with better stability and precision.

Some colors produced after we launched G7 have seen an initial noticeable shift compared to prior runs. If your last order was prior to Fall 2022 (when we made the update), this is likely what you are noticing. While we cannot perfectly reproduce colors produced before the G7 update, your subsequent orders should print with superb consistency to the current color you're seeing now.

If you don't like what you see, reach out! We can work with you to recommend the closest Pantone color to what was printed previously on your labels.  We can also partner with you on getting some samples of your labels printed so you can determine how your color will turn out before your next label run. 

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