Foil Printing

While we don't offer foil printing, we do have a way to create a metallic effect on your labels! 

In order to achieve a metallic effect, we actually print on metallic base materials (Metallic Plastic and Rainbow Holographic Plastic). We print using translucent inks, so any color printed directly onto the material will retain that metallic effect. For example, if we print yellow ink onto these materials, the end result will be metallic gold!

For areas that you want to be solid or opaque, we print a primer layer of white ink underneath what we like to call “spotwhite.” This primer layer of white blocks the metallic effect and results in a solid color.

Let us know which areas you want metallic and which areas you want solid by building a spotwhite layer in your artwork. We have crafted a handy guide on how to create spotwhite here

White ink areas show Magenta on the spotwhite layer

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