Bleed and Safe Zone Requirements

During the converting process, some shifting can occur on your labels 1/16th of an inch in any direction. To ensure everything you intend to see printed is included on your label, we have safe zone and bleed requirements on your artwork files. 

Safe Zone: 

The safe zone is the area where all text and design elements must remain to prevent this information from being cut off. Text and design elements should be within 0.125" inside the cut line.

Anything in the safe zone will not be at risk of being cut off the label, but the label could shift all the way up to that safe zone border. All elements need to be inside of the safe zone except for the backgrounds or patterns that bleed to the edge.

Think of the safe zone like the painted lines on the lane of a highway; the guidelines are there to ensure your car travels safely within the intended lane. 

How to Check Safe Zone in Adobe Illustrator:

How to Check Safe Zone in Adobe Photoshop:


Bleed is your background color, pattern, or design that extends 0.125" outside the cut line of your label. Bleed ensures that your entire background is printed and does not get cut off when shifting occurs. 

Think of bleed like a table cloth spilling over the sides of your dining room table. The extra material ensures the cloth is still fully covering the table if it moves a bit.  

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