Water-resistant vs Waterproof Labels

You may have come across the terms waterproof and water-resistant when researching the best label material for your product. While you may see these terms listed together, they are not interchangeable, and knowing the difference will help you decide which material will perform best for your bath, body, and cosmetic products.

A truly waterproof label is made of plastic or vinyl material, with an over-laminate (either glossy or matte) for even more protection. These materials will shield against water and protect the label from shriveling, curling, or peeling. After being applied to a clean, dry surface, your waterproof labels can withstand full submersion in water for extended periods of time. You can make a splash with any of our plastic or vinyl materials! Choose from clear, white, or metallic plastic options, or select a white vinyl for supreme durability.

Water-resistant labels can endure moisture to a degree, but not entirely. While these materials will shield against water for a time, the look and feel of the label will be affected after contact with water is made. Water-resistant materials are recommended for products that will encounter damp environments but not experience full immersion or long-term exposure to moisture. We refer to these materials as having a “wet-strength.” Avon Classic Crest, Estate 4, and Black Vellum all have wet strength capability.

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