Discontinued Materials

From time to time we discontinue low-performing or infrequently ordered materials.  You may have previously ordered Metallic Paper, Estate 9, Squeezable Plastic or Clear Vinyl and no longer see it available. Not to worry, we still have lots of great options for you to choose from!  

  • Metallic Paper:
    • Metallic Plastic is practically identical in appearance while also being Waterproof, Oil-Resistant, and Extreme Temperature Resistant. Metallic Plastic will keep your labels looking foiled and flashy just like they were on Metallic Paper. 
  • Estate 9:
    • Estate 4 is the true white counterpart to Estate 9. Estate 4 has the exact same features as Estate 9: water-resistant, unlaminated, textured.  Another plus: Estate 4 is a more economical material, so you should see some cost savings! 
    • Avon Classic Crest is an untextured, unlaminated, bright-white paper. It is water-resistant and performs well in moist environments without losing integrity or color. The base paper is FSC certified, acid-free, and archival quality, so you can rest easy knowing your labels are responsibly sourced. Avon Classic Crest is a more economical material as well. 
    • Tip: For either material, we have determined that the color build 0% cyan, 0% magenta, 4.5 % yellow and 0% key (black) most closely resembles the natural color of Estate 9. This color build can be used in your artwork to achieve the “look” of Estate 9 paper. 
  • Squeezable Plastic: 
    • White Plastic, commonly referred to as White BOPP, is the most versatile and widely used label material we offer. Being both waterproof and oil-resistant, it can be applied to virtually any product! Another plus: White Plastic is a more economical material, so you should see some cost savings! 
    • White Vinyl is the most durable label material we have in stock. This material is waterproof, oil-resistant, weather-resistant, and chemical-resistant. Thick and sturdy, with a strong adhesive and flexibility, White Vinyl labels are also the ideal choice for products with a diameter of 1” or less, like lip balm tubes or vape cartridges.
  • Clear Vinyl:
    • Clear Plastic is our most popular clear label material, offering reliable durability while being both waterproof and oil resistant. With the same level of transparency, labels printed on Clear Plastic will look and perform nearly identical to those printed on Clear Vinyl. It's also more cost-effective!
    • Ultra Clear Plastic delivers maximum transparency while being both waterproof and oil resistant. This ultra-thin clear material creates labels so transparent that it often looks like you printed directly onto the package! You will usually see cost savings with this material as well.  

If you have any questions on which alternative material would work best on your product, just reach out to our Experience Team and we'll be happy to help. 

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