Order status

You can check the status of your order(s), under the Active Orders tab in your Sttark account.  

Status is visible on the Active Orders tab.

Before your order can ship, it needs to go through a few steps: 

  1. Preprinting: Your design files are prepared for proofing and print.  
  2. Printing: Your order is in queue to be printed. 
  3. Laminating:  Laminating is when the finish is applied (gloss, matte, etc).  
  4. Converting: Your order has been printed and is now in queue to be cut to size and produced in rolls. 
  5. Rewind:  This step is needed to manually adjust label rolls when there are special roll sizes requested. 
  6. QC and Shipping: Your order will be checked for quality control and packaged for transport.  You will receive tracking information via email when the order is complete. 

If you see your order "In Review", our team is likely reviewing a question about your order and may be reaching out to clarify. You may want to check your email or voicemail for correspondence from us.

If you see your order "Waiting on Customer", the order is waiting on next steps from you before it can proceed (proof approval, email reply, new artwork files, etc).

If you have further questions, reach out! We are happy to help.  Contact Us

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